• Pom Bonnets are BACK!

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Handmade hats for your small friends

We're going back to our roots.

Our bonnet was the first piece we released under Rain People. A lot has changed, but this classic hat is still as timeless as ever. We've always been about hardworking, quality basics & we think it's time to shine a light on our bonnets again.

"This is our third Rain People bonnet and it’s so lovely! The perfect cool linen hat for summer days!"

- Emily L.

"On a personal note- I can’t say enough about the value of buying garments that are durable, ethically made and constructed from sustainable fabrics. It’s icing on the cake that Rain People also happens to be a female-owned, locally run business. So happy to support!"

- Lauren B.

"This is our third bonnet from Rain people. The fit is great and so is the quality."

- Renee M.

"We had been eyeing up the full brim bonnets for a long time, and we are so happy with our purchase! Excellent quality, durable, washes well, sizing is right on point, and beautiful of course! Looking forward to future purchases!"

- Courtney V.